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Invest in innovation, courage and creativity: become a friend of Sundaymorning@EKWC

Sundaymorning@ekwc occupies a unique position. The centre brings together ceramics, visual artists, designers and architects from all over the world. We offer the participants a continuous working period in which focus, first grade technical knowledge and adventure with clay are pivotal. Through this approach, the EKWC has, since 1969, proved to be a building block for the careers of many artists.

Experienced artists and young talents work side by side at Sundaymorning@ekwc. Over the years, the institute has received many talents and renowned names for a working period, such as Tony Cragg, Anish Kapoor, Jose Maria Sicilia, Kimpei Nakamura, Jun Kaneko, Karin Arink, Thom Puckey and Tom Claassen.

Through our hands on experience with clay and the creative process, innovative ideas arise frequently. The innovations and knowledge built up over the years are freely shared with makers and producers worldwide.

· Are you curious about innovation in ceramics and how this can contribute to a more beautiful and liveable world?

· Do you want science, art and culture to prosper?

· Do you agree that knowledge should be freely accessible?

· Do you want to meet special people and become part of an internationally renowned institution?

If so, invest in Sundaymorning@ekwc! The Friends & Investors play a decisive role in the flourishing of Sundaymorning@EKWC: they enable innovation with ceramics, they ensure that artists and makers can break new ground and they help strengthen the position of the EKWC as a leading institution, now and in the future. Contributions can be made in various ways, from small to large. Your donation is also tax deductible if you are a Dutch tax payer.

Tax benefit

Because we have Culturele ANBI status, the Give Act (Geefwet) applies for Dutch tax payers. The Geefwet enables tax benefits for donations: donations may be increased by 25% to a maximum of € 1,250 per year. These tax deduction benefits apply to both individuals and businesses. There is a difference between one-off donations or periodic donations for at least five years.

One-time donation

Suppose you donate € 2,500 to Sundaymorning@ekwc once, then you pay € 1,271 net.

See here how the calculation works

Periodic donation

Suppose you periodically donate € 15,000 to Sundaymorning@ekwc, then you pay € 6,591 net.

See here how the calculation works

What can you contribute to?

You can contribute to the financial strength, continuity and growth of Sundaymorning@EKWC in different ways:

1. Work period of an artist. You support an entire working period. This means that you offer a participant the opportunity to research, experiment and create for 12 weeks. You may be interested in a special topic such as innovation, experiment, social connection, sustainability, participants from a certain country, or another theme?

2. Invest in technical innovation. The Fablab is the digital workshop of Sundaymorning@EKWC. Here clay is 3D-printed, molds are milled and experiments are conducted with new digital applications. The Fablab is an important part for the participants, but also for the ambition to continue to lead the way in the development of ceramics. The current equipment is in need of replacement: a new cutter, a new 3D printer and new computers are necessary. A dream is also to be able to buy a robotic arm. The arm can print much larger objects and with more freedom of movement. New applications can be developed while tinkering with it. There is already a 6-phase electric connection for the robot, but not the financial means to buy the robot.

3. In You decide yourself. It is also possible to make a contribution for a goal that is close to your heart.

What will you get in return?

Getting involved with Sundaymorning@ekwc means joining a close-knit community of internationally renowned artists and undiscovered talent. By giving, friends of Sundaymorning@ekwc can enrich their lives with art, inspiration and an interesting network of artists and benefactors.

In exchange for your vital support, Sundaymorning@ekwc offers a number of exclusive rewards. See here for the rewards

Want to know more?

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