Sundaymorning@ekwc uses its knowledge and facilities to help artists, designers, architects, clients and companies realize their ideas on a project basis. Tailor-made possibilities are available to make work for an exhibition, to make 3D prints, to develop prototypes, or to work on innovation.

The procedure for our services is the same as for the residency: Sundaymorning@ekwc offers the facilities and knowledge, the client is responsible for the implementation.


Sundaymorning@ekwc offers professionals the opportunity to deepen their practice through masterclasses on specialized subjects such as mold-making, glazing, firing kilns or 3D printing.

Several times a year masterclasses are given on site in Oisterwijk.

If coming over to the Netherlands is too much of a hurdle: Sundaymorning@ekwc also offers online masterclasses which you can follow at home, at your own pace. See here for more information about the  masterclasses >

technical advice

We provide technical advice in all areas of the ceramic process. From making molds, use of materials, to firing and installation. Are you working on a design for a work in public space, looking for a specific glaze color, or are you wondering if it is better to 3D print something than make it by hand?

Contact us for the possibilities. Mail to

3d printing and milling

The FabLab is the digital workplace of Sundaymorning@ekwc. The workshop is open to anyone who has an idea to make a 3D object. From ceramic mother molds, to scale models and product prototypes. If you want to know more about 3D drawing, scanning, editing and printing, we can facilitate, advise and assist.

Sundaymorning@ekwc offers plenty of space to work and experiment. Present are several 3D printers, a milling machine, a styrofoam cutter, a 3D scanner and the necessary software. The printers can print in both plastic and ceramics. Watch ElasticBrand’s video below about the AudioWear creation process to get inspired.


Sundaymorning@ekwc ovens are custom made by Blaauw Products, a company that has been building kilns for more than thirty years. Most kilns are gas-fired, the largest with a volume of 6000 liters.

Computer-controlled control systems ensure a carefully programmed firing process. Building and firing are supervised by our technical advisors. Contact us to fire your object(s).


Before getting a (ceramic) object into production, a good prototype is essential. Not only to get the technical details and form right, but also to show future customers, or a client, what makes the product so good.

Sundaymorning@ekwc has all the materials and knowledge in house to develop prototypes. Contact us for the possibilities.

creative sabbatical

Do you want to give a fresh boost to the creativity and innovation within your company and deepen your knowledge in the field of ceramics? You are more than welcome to develop prototypes yourself at Sundaymorning@ekwc, find creative solutions, or explore the limits of the ceramic material.

You can offer your lead designer, or research department, the space to work on new ideas for a longer period of time. You can determine the length of the period during which you have your own studio and apartment at your disposal so that focus is guaranteed. Away from the laptop, with your fingers in the clay.

combined residency

Do you find the idea of the Creative Sabbatical appealing, but find it too time consuming to perform research for a longer period of time yourself? Then the Combined Residency is a great solution: an artist or designer of your choice works with us and you visit Sundaymorning@ekwc regularly to discuss progress and course of the project to be developed.

You can find an artist or designer to work with yourself, or we can help you. We have a large network of interesting makers at our disposal which we are more than happy to share.

Want to know more? Would you like more information about this range of services? Please contact Jorgen Karskens,