Sundaymorning@ekwc annually welcomes about 65 artists, designers, architects and other creative professionals from all over the world. They come to work here for a period of 12 weeks. Sundaymorning@ekwc offers them studios, workshops, apartments, the most advanced equipment and guidance from our experienced staff.


A working period at Sundaymorning @ ekwc is a lifetime experience. Those who live and work here for 12 weeks can fully focus on their work. The exchange with fellow artists, designers and architects provides energy and inspiration.


Our participants are artists, designers and architects, more than 75% of whom have never worked with ceramics before. They come from all parts of the world, their age ranges from 25 to 65 years: from young talents to established artists, from beginners to experienced ceramicists.

For those new to ceramics, getting to know the material will lead to amazing results, thanks in part to the expert guidance of our consultants. And if you are already familiar with ceramics, we are confident that you will be challenged by the possibilities that Sundaymorning@ekwc offers!