Costs of a residency

The costs of a working period at Sundaymorning@ekwc consist of fixed and variable cost items. The use of a studio and a room, for example, is fixed for 12 weeks, while costs for materials, Cad / Cam use and kiln firing depend entirely on the type of work being made.

basic costs
The basic costs for a working period of 12 weeks (including living and working space, technical instructions, and service costs) are € 23,522.40 including 21% VAT.

Participants can qualify for a Sundaymorning grant up to € 19,131.60 including 21% VAT. Participants can indicate on the registration form whether they want to make use of the grant.

variable cost
In addition to the basic costs, we request an advance payment of € 2,000 from each participant for variable costs such as materials, 3D printing and milling, firing costs and other costs such as transport and Cad / Cam usage.

The material costs and costs for the use of kilns and Cad / Cam equipment depend on the size and character of the work. On average, the material costs are approximately € 2,000 for a 12-week working period. This is a rough estimate: the actual material costs incurred are calculated after finishing the residency period. They are deducted from the advance payment of € 2,000. If the usage of materials is higher than € 2,000 Sundaymorning@ekwc will send an additional invoice. If the usage is lower than € 2,000 Sundaymorning@ekwc will refund the amount that is leftover.

The following tables provide an indication of current prices for the use of Cad/Cam machines and kilns and the most commonly used materials.

Prices are subject to change, and VAT (21%) not included

 1. Machine and kiln use

Costs of Cad/Cam machine use per hour
Price per hourResidentsExternal/Project
3D printer€ 31,00€ 60,00
Laser scanner€ 17,00€ 35,00
Styrofoam hotwire cutter€ 19,00€ 35,00
CNC milling machine€ 27,00€ 50,00
Crew –for instance:  converting into digital files€ 50,00
Costs of kiln use per hour
Kiln nr.Dimensions (cm)Price of firing per hour
#18060105€ 4,00€ 8,00
#2120120223€ 10,00€ 20,00
#3606095€ 2,50€ 5,00
#4 pos 180232120€ 10,00€ 20,00
#4 pos 2120200120€ 10,00€ 20,00
#5 pos 1606095€ 2,50€ 5,00
#5 pos 2458095€ 2,50€ 5,00
#68060120€ 4,00€ 8,00
#7454575€ 2,00€ 4,00
#A202035€ 1,00€ 2,00
#B202035€ 1,00€ 2,00
Crew per hour€ 50,00

2. Materials

price estimates of the most common materials
Plastic clay10 kilo€ 3,70€ 6,35
Casting slib1 kilo€ 0,45€ 2,20
Plastre (incl. recycling)25 kilo€ 12,85€ 12,85
Silicon rubber1 litre (1,3 kilo)€ 27,05€ 27,05
Glazes (transparant)1 kilo€ 3,46€ 23,22
Glazes (own recipe)1 kilo€ 2,06€ 5,00
Frittes1 kilo€ 4,95€ 10,51
Pigments1 gramme€ 0,01€ 0,10
Lustres1 gramme€ 0,45€ 7,52
* Within most categories there is a range of products; indicated are prices for the least and the most expensive products.