Sundaymorning@ekwc offers artists, designers and architects an excellently equipped centre where everything revolves around the realization of their ideas.

In addition to advanced technical amenities such as ovens and cad / cam equipment, participants can take advantage of spacious studios, an extensive library, individual guest accommodations and a large communal kitchen.

The kilns

Sundaymorning@ekwc kilns are custom made by Blaauw Products, a company that has been building kilns for more than thirty years.

Most kilns are gas-fired, the largest with a volume of 6000 liters. Computer-controlled control systems ensure a carefully programmed firing process.

The workshops

Sundaymorning@ekwc has a number of well-equipped workshops for plaster, glaze, metal and wood.

All participants are guided by specialists to realize their plans. Central to our workflow is that participants are in full control of their ideas and process: the execution is completely in the hands of the participants.

The consultants only give advice. The suggestions of our staff can be put into practice or ignored all together. This way room for experimentation and innovation is ensured.


The FabLab is the digital workshop of Sundaymorning@ekwc. It originated from the mold workshop. The FabLab is open to anyone who wants to create a 3D object.

If you want to know more about 3D drawing, scanning, editing and printing, we can facilitate, advise and assist. We offer plenty of space to work and experiment with our machines.


The sundaymorning@ekwc library consists of a large collection of (inter)national books and is still growing. It contains books on ceramics, recipes, technical manuals, art history, exhibitions, art collections and worldwide artist-in-residence addresses. There are also monographs by a large number of artists, including many publications of previous participants.

Part of the collection consists of books in limited edition that are rarely found elsewhere. In addition, magazines about art and ceramics are also available.

The participants can visit the library day and night for inspiration and information.